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MC Aviation Partners Inc. (together with its subsidiaries collectively, “MCAP”) is the aircraft leasing and trading arm of Mitsubishi Corporation. MCAP both owns and leases aircraft in its own portfolio and manages the leasing of aircraft for third party investors.

Mitsubishi Corporation commenced aircraft leasing operations in 1984. In 2008, Mitsubishi Corporation established MCAP as a wholly-owned subsidiary to expand the aircraft leasing operations as a focused and specialized line of business. MCAP is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with its US office in Irvine, California and its European office in Dublin, Ireland. All the offices are supported by the global Mitsubishi corporate infrastructure of over 200 local offices worldwide.

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Top-tier Financial Strength

In 2014 MCAP established Vermillion Aviation Holding Limited, a joint venture with Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited and the Li Ka Shing (Overseas) Foundation.

Expert Aircraft Financing Solutions

MCAP’s strategic goal is to assist airlines worldwide in building and maintaining their optimal fleet. We offer a variety of services which range from pre-delivery payment (“PDP”) financing and sales and leaseback of aircraft to operating leasing. MCAP also provides extensive experience and insight in matching an airline’s needs to the aircraft available in the global market.

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Additionally, MCAP also provides services to other leasing and financing companies, including lease remarketing, aircraft sales, lease management, technical consulting and asset monitoring for all types of commercial aircraft and engines.

MCAP Knows the Airline Business

Our professional staff has strong experience in aircraft leasing, trading, marketing, technical, legal, finance and accounting. With a long, successful track record providing professional and practiced services, MCAP is well positioned to assist airlines and leasing companies to meet their aircraft sourcing, investment, financing and asset management needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the global airline industry by striving to achieve our industry’s highest standard of excellence with sophisticated expertise and advanced innovation delivered by the finest management team through a model of superior service. As a team of skilled professionals with a strong global network, we support our clients in identifying opportunities and achieving growth.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Fairness and Integrity

    Fairness and integrity is at the foundation of our business, as we believe that is where trust only comes from. Fairness and integrity among ourselves and to our clients is how we foster long term relationships.

  • Professional Team Work

    Our business can never be done alone. Each of us taking pride and responsibility, maximizing the quality of our service offering. In order to excel in the ever changing market, we work hard to improve our skills every day.

  • Timeliness and Flexibility

    We understand that making right decisions at the right moment is crucial for success. To be more efficient, we incorporate flexibility into our tailored day to day operations.

CEO Message

CEO Message

To our Customers:


To best serve the global airline industry, MCAP specializes in the fullest range of aircraft finance and fleet management services from leasing, purchase and pre-delivery payment (“PDP”) financing to remarketing and asset management.

Anticipating the integration of the global economy and the rapidly increasing volume of airline travel, Mitsubishi Corporation entered the aviation leasing business in 1984 and, in 2008, established MC Aviation Partners as a standalone entity.

In 2014, MCAP established Vermillion Aviation Holdings Limited, a joint venture with Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited and the Li Ka Shing (Overseas) Foundation.. We look forward to capitalizing on the combined financial and expert resources of this joint venture to pursue strong, innovative and high value-added transactions on behalf of our airline customers.

Ours is a competitive services industry that, ultimately, is defined by its people. Over the course of the last several years, MCAP has developed and built a commercial aviation platform supported by many of the industry’s finest aircraft finance and technology experts with a deep understanding of the airline business.

We welcome you to MC Aviation Partners Group. We serve airlines, big and small, and we are committed to earning your business through outstanding service each and every day.


Sincerely yours,

Keiichi Otani

Chief Executive Officer and Member, Board of Directors

Our History

Our History

From the world's largest airlines spanning the globe, to the youngest or smallest regional airlines in developing economies, since its inception MCAP has successfully built its reputation as the leading go-to firm for sophisticated aircraft finance and related consulting services within the global $127 billion commercial aircraft finance industry.

Today, MCAP is distinguished by exceptional service, expertise, innovation, industry leading PDP financing, sales and leasing product lines and a vast depth of financial resources.

  1. 1984

    Concludes First Aircraft Finance Lease Transaction

  2. 1993

    Completes First Operating Lease Transaction

  3. 2003

    Provides first 3rd party aircraft management & remarketing services

  4. 2008

    Consolidates and integrates MC’s aircraft leasing and related servicing business into MCAP as a standalone entity

  5. 2014

    Establishes Vermillion, a joint venture with Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited and Li Ka Shing (Overseas) Foundation